Just a quick note about a project I have been using privately that is now up on Github - ReVPN.

revpn - Sonicwall with easy route control

This is a classic solving my own problem project - I use Sonicwall at work but I don’t want all the routes it pushes, particularly I don’t want to have the default route over the VPN because it is slower than my home internet connection.


$ go get


First write a .revpn.yaml in your home directory:

netExtender: /usr/sbin/netExtender
vpnuser: <your username>
password: <your password>
domain: <domain you are connecting into>

vpn_host: <ip address of VPN server>:<port>

# Machines that you know by IP address that you need to be on the VPN to access
  - server.on.vpn
  - server1.on.vpn

# For machines without a DNS entry, use this list...
$ revpn


I use this on Ubuntu with Sonicwall NetExtender. If you would like to adapt it to run on other operating systems and with other VPN clients then I will welcome your PR.